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PENNY JO - The Crew


Your one of kind vacation in the Bahamas aboard Penny Jo begins with an amazing Crew. Meet John and Siobhan

Captain John Huntington is a 30 year, 3rd generation USCG Captain, from Huntington Beach, California and Kona Hawaii. He is a lifetime waterman!  Surfing and sailing since the age of 4 with his father, as well as 18 years of competitive swimming and water polo at the national level.  He was an 8 year ocean lifeguard  and paramedic in both Hawaii and California, specializing in large surf rescue and spent many years on ski patrol. He is an avid spearfisherman and freediver as well as a PADI and SSI Scuba instructor. So we think you are safe in the water with captain.


John "cut his teeth"  on Catalina Express, in southern California, where he got his first captain's license, after 5 years as a deckhand. He has since sailed catamarans and driven sport-fishers world wide; including all over Hawaii, Mexico, Exuma, BVI and even fishing for white marlin off of Casablanca Morocco. His favorite place to sail is the Exumas. His pure stoke for his lifestyle and the water, will show very obviously on your charter - expect fresh fish, if he has anything to do with it. 


YES, before you ask, he is a Huntington of Samual and Henry Huntington, who they named Huntington Beach after, in 1893. He is a great great grandson. 


Chef Siobhan Huntington (pronounced shavon) hails from Stoke on Trent, England. Siobhan has a college degree in sports and exercise science. She was an avid soccer "sorry Football, according to her" player, not only in club, but high school and college. She joined Royal Caribbean cruise line, where she ran their sports program for 4 years.  This is where she and John met. John was a second officer and managing the scuba program for the company. They passed one day deep in the ship's corridors and words were said.  The ship, however, was so giant, the largest in the world at the time, they did not see each other again until 4 days later. They have been together ever since.  Now together over 6 years, married going on 4. They left Royal together and have been running yacht charters since they stepped off the ship. 


Siobhan and John live in Mexico now, when not onboard. So they bring a massive "Mexican flair" to their cooking style. Siobhan is famous for her homemade roasted salsas, fish tacos, ceviches, enchiladas, huevos rancheros, chilaquiles and of course Mariscos! (Seafood).

She will delight you with continental, early morning breakfast and coffee, when you wake. Then when you are ready she will prepare  you whatever you wish, to start your day right. Or she can surprise you each day, with a new breakfast of her choice. 

Her lunches will be light and healthy, Ceasar salad wraps, watermelon, cucumber and feta salads, fish tacos, amazing sandwiches of all kinds and whatever else tickles your fancy. Maybe a nice home made burger and chips or fresh ceviche or poke, of a fish captain caught that morning. 

For dinners onboard, expect them both to join forces and bring you some of John's heritage, as well. He also loves to cook. Fresh lobster tail, with roasted rosemary potatoes and fresh asparagus, blackened grouper on a bed of garlic mashed potatoes, or maybe even some of John's grandma's recipes, of penne with fresh from scratch, vodka sauce with lump lobster meat. They have even been known to make a lasagna from scratch, if time allows. Also never forget, the surprise catch of the day, if something swims in John's crosshairs. 


Together, they are looking forward to giving you a charter of a lifetime. With tons of fresh cocktails, amazing fresh home made food and many, many after dinner sea tales, accompanied by Siobahn's home made deserts.


SEA you onboard!!! 

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